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Greek translation in Chicago holds an important place in our city.  There are great examples of Greek people who helped develop Chicago.  Chicago has had a thriving Greek community for decades.  Chicago Greek residents who want to visit their country of origin or who want friends and family from Greece to visit them in Chicago often require Greek translation services for official government business.  Those in Chicago who want to do business in Greece or vice-versa may require a Greek to English translation or English to Greek translation.  Click on the right to request a quote for translation or call us today on (312) 488-1009.

Greek Language Translation Information

The language history of Greek can be traced back to 3rd millennium BC when it was spoken in the Balkan Peninsula. Greek belongs to the Indo-European language family. 34 centuries of written records make it one of the oldest languages of the family. Greek is the national language of Greece and is spoken by over 14 million people in Greece and Cyprus. It is used as a minority language is Turkey, Italy, Albania and Ukraine. Many countries around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea have a significant number of Greek speakers. Since Greece is a part of the European Union, Greek is one of the 23 official languages of the EU.   Your Greek translator should understand this history.

Many words from Greek have found their way into other European languages including English. Some argue that as many as 12% of the English words have Greek origins and many of these words are used in anthropology, mathematics, physics, philosophy, astronomy etc. Till the early 1900’s two forms of Greek the Dimotika and Katharevousa existed simultaneously. However in 1976, Dimotika was declared as the official language of Greece. Some of the grammatical traits include pronoun declension for four cases and a lack of infinitives while other traits are similar to English for example subject verb agreement and articles preceding the noun.  A competent Greek translator be able to apply this history to provide an accurate Greek to English translation.

Your Greek translator should understand that the Greek alphabet is used for writing and the system consists of 24 letters represented in lower and upper cases. The three accents include acute, grave and circumflex. The breathing marks or spiritus asper and spiritus lenis are used to denote the presence of ‘h’ at the beginning of the word.  Get an accurate Greek translation.

In Greek, verbs have synthetic inflection forms for mood, voice, number, person, aspect and tense. Greek has a very extensive vocabulary with many modern inclusions from English. The Greek syllabic structure has complex syllabic onsets but restricted codas. Greek includes stress accent and most vowels can qualify as monothongs.  This technical grammatical information can help our translators provide rapid, accurate Greek translations in the Chicago.


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